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Import your tasks into FocusBox for focus and productivity with time tracking, ambient sounds, and insights.


Are you tired of juggling multiple productivity apps to manage your tasks and track your time? Do you wish there was a seamless way to combine your to-do list with time tracking and focus features? Look no further than the integration between Todoist and FocusBox. With this integration, you can easily import your Today's or Tomorrow's tasks from Todoist into FocusBox and start using powerful time-tracking timers, ambient sounds, and background videos to become more productive and get more tasks done daily.

No more switching between apps or losing track of your progress. Setting up the integration is simple. Just connect your Todoist account to FocusBox, click the button to import Today's tasks or Tomorrow's tasks, and start using FocusBox's powerful productivity features. Say goodbye to the stress and chaos of managing multiple productivity tools and hello to a more focused and productive workday. Try the Todoist and FocusBox integration today.


  • Stay on task with time-tracking timers, ambient sounds, and background videos to help you stay focused and avoid distractions.

  • Combine Todoist and FocusBox to easily prioritize your tasks and increase your productivity.

  • Create a personalized workspace by choosing your preferred ambient sounds and background videos.

  • Use the FocusBox progress bar to visualize your progress on each task and stay motivated.

  • Automatically sync your progress back to your Todoist account, so you can keep track of your productivity all in one place.

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