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Quickly capture tasks while browsing the web.

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Firefox is the browser that puts your privacy first. Whether on desktop or mobile, you’ll get seriously private browsing that stops thousands of online trackers from collecting your data. Plus your passwords, search history, and open tabs go wherever you do.

Integrate Todoist and Firefox to capture tasks as you browse. Whether you’ve found an incredible recipe to add to your What’s Cooking project or a must-read productivity article to add to your Work Reads project, add it to Todoist in two clicks.


  • Save the coffee maker of your dreams to your list by right-clicking the product page.

  • Select, right-click, and save a hard-hitting quote to cite in your next article.

  • Stay on top of your to-dos by clicking the Todoist icon in your extensions bar. You’ll see your whole list without opening another tab.

  • Capture tasks as they float into your head with Todoist Quick Add in your browser extension.

Todoist Pro gir deg kraften til å få alt gjort

Husk alt med påminnelser, følg med på så mange prosjekter som du måtte trenge, få alt til å se bra ut med Pro-temaer, og mye mer.

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