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Learn to decrease overwhelm with the Doing to Done method setup in Todoist.

It's a simple yet powerful productivity framework designed to turn chaos into clarity. It organizes your life and tasks into three key levels: roles, projects, and actions. Roles represent the different areas of your life (e.g., personal, professional, family), projects are specific goals or outcomes within each role, and actions are the next concrete steps to move projects forward. This structure helps you break down overwhelming thoughts and responsibilities into manageable, actionable items.

At the heart of this system is the concept of identifying one clear next action for each project, which helps overcome procrastination and overthinking. The setup includes a weekly review process to keep your system current and aligned with your priorities. By providing a clear, role-based overview of your commitments and a simple way to track next actions, the Doing to Done system in Todoist aims to reduce mental clutter and increase focus, allowing you to be more present and productive in all areas of your life.


  1. Identify your roles: Recognize the key areas of your life (e.g., personal, professional, family).

  2. Create projects: Under each role, list the specific outcomes you're working towards.

  3. Define next actions: For each project, determine the single next step that will create momentum.

  4. Capture single actions: Use the "Single Actions" project for one-off tasks that don't require a full project.

  5. Execute: Focus on completing the next actions you've identified.

  6. Weekly review: Once a week, go through the provided review process to:

    • Review your roles and projects
    • Reflect on your progress
    • Reset your system by updating projects and next actions
  7. Repeat: Continue this cycle to maintain clarity and progress across all areas of your life.

Small wins. Big Impacts!

Mike Williams

Productivity Coach and Community Builder

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