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Getting Things Done

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David Allen’s popular Getting Things Done method helps you get all the mental clutter out of your head, organize it, and consistently get the most important things done. No more feeling overwhelmed or letting the little things slip.

This Setup makes it even easier and faster to get started by creating all of the projects and labels you need to use the method consistently in Todoist.


  1. Capture anything that crosses your mind in your inbox – nothing is too big or small.

  2. Process what you’ve captured into clear and concrete steps, then create those as tasks. Then you’ll decide if an item is a project, next action, or reference material.

  3. Look at your tasks and determine what categories they can fall under. For instance, tasks to write 1000 words daily and look up literary agents would fall under “novel writing”.

  4. Rename the projects based on your categories and drag the tasks to their appropriate projects. Add dates to your calendar, delegate action items, and sort your tasks.

  5. Review your lists, both daily and in your weekly review using the weekly review project.

  6. Work on the important tasks, knowing that the system will help you know exactly what to prioritize and when.

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