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Peter Akkies

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Learn to take the Big-Picture view of productivity with this helpful setup.

Peter Akkies is a productivity coach who helps people to be more organized and productive. He developed this system to help you stay on top of your to-dos and responsibilities in all areas of your life.

His Productivity 101 setup helps you use your time intentionally, so you get your most important work done while no deadlines slip through the cracks.

You can learn all the ins and outs of Peter's system here.


  1. Customize the list of top-level projects (“areas”) to sort your to-dos and responsibilities into buckets.
  2. Capture to-dos into the appropriate top-level project. Create sub-projects for things you won’t complete in one go, such as planning for a specific trip.
  3. Use the Someday section in each top-level project for tasks you’ll maybe get to someday, but not anytime soon.
  4. Apply the “waiting for” label to any task that you can’t do yet because you’re waiting for someone to do something or for something to happen.
  5. At the start of each day, use the Anytime filter to assign what’s most important and urgent to Today.
  6. Use priority levels or manually sort your tasks in the Today view and then work your way down the list.
  7. Every week (e.g. on Sundays) do a weekly review to make sure your Todoist system stays up to date.

Peter Akkies

Productivity coach

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