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Seamlessly create Todoist tasks from Evernote notes and vice versa.

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Link your Todoist and Evernote accounts to double your productivity. Todoist's first IFTTT connection allows you to easily sync Todoist tasks and Evernote notes. That means there’s no need to enable different IFTTT Applets to get the result you’re looking for anymore. 

With this integration, you can turn your words into actions. Any time you’re writing in Evernote and add your selected tag to a note, a Todoist task is automatically created with a link to that note. It works the other way, too. Whenever you add a task in Todoist with your selected label, an Evernote note is created with a link to that task.


  • Turn any note into an actionable task by adding a predefined tag to it.

  • Write about the Todoist tasks you’re planning to complete and reflect on your successes directly from your Evernote notes.

  • Use IFTTT ingredients to customize this integration to your needs.

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