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Accurately track and estimate Todoist tasks in a visual calendar.

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Finally, a simple, visual tool for time tracking that works with Todoist. HourStack is a time tracking and scheduling tool that helps you plan, track, and prioritize your time in one visual calendar. The HourStack Todoist integration allows your team to schedule and track time from the tasks they’re already working on in Todoist — which means no duplicating tasks, interrupted workflows, or jumping back and forth between applications.

Once you connect Todoist with HourStack, simply drag and drop your tasks to create entries in HourStack’s visual calendar. You’ll be able to search and schedule your Todoist tasks, along with their project and label info, and mark them as complete as you finish tracking time on them. With your tasks and entries linked, you can easily access the original Todoist task. Leverage the reports feature to see how your time is actually being spent and spot trends.


  • Schedule without duplication. Once connected, simply drag and drop your Todoist tasks to create entries in HourStack’s visual calendar.

  • Easily track time on your tasks. Estimate and track the time you are spending on each Todoist task. Start timers directly from your calendar with one click, or add time later if you forgot to click track.

  • Gain actionable insights about where time is being spent. See detailed report metrics on how your time is actually being spent and spot trends.

  • Save time. As you finish your work, you can mark the Todoist task as complete – right from HourStack.

  • Create entries for yourself or others. Manage your permissions to customize who each member can create entries for.

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