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Llama Life

A tool to increase focus and manage time-boxed work sessions.

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Llama Life is a fun (yet powerful!) focus tool that helps you work through lists, not just make them.

If you’re waking up with a long list of to-dos, some nagging at you for weeks, Llama Life can help.

Llama Life uses a concept called time-boxing, which is the practice of setting a fixed amount of time (using a countdown timer) to each individual task. This creates the mental space to focus on one task at a time. Say goodbye to never-ending lists, and hello to daily bliss. ☀️

When you connect Llama Life to Todoist you can easily pull in your Todoist tasks due Today into Llama Life to transform tasks into manageable, bite-sized chunks of productivity.

Llama Life is accessible via desktop web, and iOS App (Android coming soon!).


  • Start intimidating tasks now by breaking them into small blocks of time. Set timers that work for you — they can be as little as one minute or as much as several hours. ⏳ The choice is yours.

  • Add emoji to each task. 🎉 This is fun, and provides a great visual cue. Unleash your creativity and get things done!

  • Sometimes we hyper-focus and may need a gentle reminder to stop and return to the task at hand. Set up Chimes to play a soft sound at a repeat interval of your choosing, perhaps every five minutes. ✨

  • Create preset lists for tasks you perform often. Presets are templates that can be loaded with just a few clicks. Why not try a morning preset for your rise and shine rituals. ✅

  • Drown out distracting noises with Soundscapes. 🏖 Replace the unwanted noises around you with lovely background sounds. Choose sounds from a beach, forest, thunderstorm, and wind day.

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