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Commitment Inventory

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A commitment inventory is an opportunity to take a step back, review everything on your plate, and get honest with yourself about what you really have time and energy for. Then create an ongoing system to ensure that each important area of your life gets the attention it needs day to day.

If you have dozens of projects going at once but don’t feel like you’re making progress on any of them, this may be the system you’ve been missing.


  1. List out all of your commitments.
  2. Group them into categories. For example, "Client work", "Life admin", "Fitness", "Family", etc.
  3. Estimate the percentage of time you spend on each category.
  4. Add up the percentages, edit your list, and repeat.
  5. Keep editing until each category has enough time to do it well.
  6. Create projects to correspond with each category.
  7. Create checklists rather than to-do lists.
  8. Work in "bursts" aligned with your categories.

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