Create a restricted project in Todoist

Every once in a while you may want to keep things a bit private. Maybe you have a monthly 1-on-1 with your manager or you want a place to work on sensitive information with your team.

Either way you can get yourself a bit of privacy by creating a restricted project in your team!

Create a restricted project


You can only create restricted projects in a team and not in your personal projects (these are private by default and can only be viewed by users you have manually shared them with).

  1. In the sidebar, find the team where you want to create the restricted project.
  2. Click the plus icon beside the team name.
  3. Select Add project.
  4. Enter a project name and select a project color.
  5. In the Access menu, select Restricted.
  6. Click Add to create the restricted project.

Add a person to a restricted project

After creating a restricted project, follow these steps to add a person to the project:

  1. Open the restricted project.
  2. Click Share in the top of your project view.
  3. Type in the name or email address of the person you want to share with.
  4. Click Invite to send the invitation(s).

Quick tip

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