Create and manage multiple tasks in Todoist

Sometimes you want to copy a list from a different page or app and add it as tasks to Todoist. For example, you might have a list of items — such as a grocery list — that you wish to turn into tasks. You can! Simply paste the list from your clipboard when creating a new task, and you'll get the option to create a task for each item.

Create multiple tasks

Here is a quick and easy way to add multiple tasks to Todoist:

  1. Copy the list of items that you’d like to turn into tasks.
  2. Open your Todoist and click Add Task or open Quick Add.

    Optional: Add a due date and time, priority, label, or project.

  3. Paste your list in the task name field.
  4. When asked “Add X tasks?”, you have three options:
    • Cancel: Stop adding these items as tasks.
    • Add 1 task: Add all the items as a single task.
    • Add X tasks: Add each item as a task.

If you want to paste multiple sub-tasks:

  1. Click the parent task to open the task view.
  2. Click + Add sub-task.
  3. Paste your list.
  4. Select Add X tasks to confirm.

Quick tip

If you run into issues with pasting multi-line text into Todoist, we recommend that you try pasting your text by pressing Shift + Ctrl + V (on Windows) or Option + Cmd + Shift + V (on macOS). If you're using an Android device, you can long-press and select Paste as plain text.

Manage multiple tasks

Selecting multiple tasks at the same time is a handy way to quickly reschedule, set priority levels, move, or batch-edit tasks so you can get back to focusing on the more important things.

  1. Press Ctrl (Windows) or Cmd (macOS) and click the task names to select them. To select a range of tasks, hold the Shift key. This will highlight the selected tasks.
  2. From the menu that appears at the top, select the action you want to perform:
    • Click Due date to schedule all selected tasks.
    • Click Move to project to move all selected tasks to another project and/or another section.
    • Click Labels to add labels to (or remove labels from) all selected tasks.
    • Click Priority to change the priority of all selected tasks.
    • Click MoreAssign to someone (only available in shared projects) to assign all selected tasks to a collaborator.
    • Click More →Complete to complete all selected tasks. (If you've selected completed tasks, you'll see the option to Uncomplete all selected tasks instead.)
    • Click More →Duplicate to make a copy of all selected tasks.
    • Click More →Delete to delete all selected tasks.

Drag multiple tasks

Save yourself time and clicks by dragging multiple tasks to:

  • Reorder them within a project or section.
  • Move them to a different project in the sidebar.
  • Move them under another task to turn them into sub-tasks. Make sure to use the list layout in the project.

    Tasks won't drag or move under other tasks if you're in the Today view, Upcoming view, filters, or labels.


No. If you're using Todoist on macOS, Windows or web, your tasks will stay selected after performing an action. If you're using Todoist on Android or iOS, your tasks will be deselected after performing an action.

No, new objects like labels and projects won't be created when adding multiple tasks at once. For example, if @label doesn't exist, it won't be created and will be parsed as text. However, if @label does exist in your label list, it will be added.

Yes, however, if any item on the list contained a due date in the text, the task created will get that due date instead of the one selected in the task editor. Properties in the pasted text always take precedence.

If your selection includes a mix of active and completed tasks, only the actions that can be applied to completed tasks — delete and duplicate — are available.