Customize views in Todoist

Available for

  • Beginner
  • Pro
  • Business

Customize the way tasks are grouped, sorted, displayed, and filtered in Todoist. Keep track of tasks using views that are most convenient for you.

Change the project layout

Change the layout of the project to a:

If the project is shared, people in the project will see the new layout when they open and view the project.

Sort tasks

Arrange tasks using the following options:

  • Grouping: group tasks in a project, label, filter, Inbox, or Today view based on selected criteria.
  • Sorting: sort tasks alphabetically or by assignee, due date, creation date, priority, or project.

Learn how to sort or group tasks.

If sorting or grouping options are turned on for a shared project, these changes are only visible to you. People in the project will continue to see tasks in their current views.

Filter your tasks

In addition to sorting and grouping your tasks, you can also filter them. This means that rather than displaying all tasks in a project, label, filter, Inbox, or your Today view, you can filter out tasks. You can filter your tasks by:

  • Assignee: filters for tasks assigned to you, to a specific assignee, or to no one.
  • Due date: filters your tasks by when they are due.
  • Priority: filters for any priority you've selected.
  • Label: filters for any label you've selected.

Learn more

If you're having trouble applying the different view options in a project, get in touch with us.