Troubleshoot browser storage issues in Todoist

Todoist relies on stored information to perform specific functions:

  • Load data quickly and smoothly
  • Preserve visual settings of the app (for example: sidebar width)
  • Save task comment drafts
  • Switch to offline mode

To ensure that your work is safe while Todoist is offline, the app needs access to browser storage to save this information on the computer. The data syncs to the Todoist servers as soon as you're back online.


If you prefer to use Todoist without browser storage, make sure to work with a reliable internet connection. Without it, you may lose any offline data that isn't synced to the Todoist servers.

If there are sync errors or issues with browser storage, learn how to troubleshoot and resolve them.

Use a supported web browser

Use Todoist while on the latest version of a supported web browser. Learn more about the web browsers that work best with Todoist.

Turn on access to browser storage

To use browser storage to save changes made offline, check if the web browser is set up to allow access:

Check the hard drive space

If there's limited hard drive space on the computer, the web browser may free up space by removing stored information for some websites.

The latest web browsers are designed to know which stored information belongs to websites you use everyday; however, it's best practice to make sure there's enough hard drive space when working on tasks and projects offline.

Get more help

If you're still experiencing issues with browser storage, or you've any questions about how Todoist data is stored in the browser, get in touch with us.