Troubleshoot notifications not received from Todoist

Are you having trouble with your notifications? Did you add a reminder to your task, but it's not showing up on your device?

If you're not receiving notifications from Todoist, follow these troubleshooting steps and you’ll have your notifications pop up in no time.

Restart both Todoist and your device

  1. Log out of Todoist on your device. Then, log back in.
  2. Turn your device off, then back on.

Update Todoist to the latest version

Version updates may include fixes and improvements to Todoist features, like notifications.

Learn how to update Todoist to the latest version based on the device or platform.

Keep Todoist open

If you’re using Todoist on a web browser, make sure it’s open in at least one browser tab. 

For macOS: Reset notifications


If notifications aren't received when using Todoist for macOS, reset the notification settings:

  1. Check that Todoist for macOS is on the latest version.
  2. Open System Settings.
  3. Select Notifications from the side menu.
  4. Scroll down to find Todoist.
  5. Right-click Todoist and select Reset Notifications... This reverts Todoist notifications to the default settings.

Turn off app blockers and Do Not Disturb mode

If you’re using app blockers or app cleaners, quit these apps to turn them off.

If your device has Do Not Disturb mode, and you want to receive Todoist notifications while it’s turned on, follow the steps associated with your device and platform:

Follow Apple's instructions to turn off Focus on macOS.

Turn off battery optimization for Todoist

Follow Apple's instructions to turn off battery-saving mode.

Check if Todoist notifications are enabled for your device

Each browser has its own steps to turn on web notifications. Click the browser you’re using for the latest instructions:

Quick tip

Make sure you’ve also turned on notifications in your operating system’s settings.

Then, send a test notification:

  1. Open Todoist on your web browser or a desktop app.
  2. Click your avatar in the top-left.
  3. Select Settings. You'll see several options on the side.
  4. Click Reminders.
  5. Click either Test web or Test mobile to send a test notification to your respective device.

Check if your reminders are set up correctly

  1. Click your avatar in the top-left.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Click the Reminders tab.
  4. Turn on one or more notification types to receive:
    • Desktop notifications to get notifications on the desktop computer.
    • Mobile notifications to get notifications on the mobile device.
    • Emails to receive a reminder through the email address added in Settings → Account.

Quick tip

If you want to get a notification for all tasks with a due time, scroll up to the Automatic reminders section in the Reminders tab. Then, choose when Todoist will send an automatic reminder.

Get more help

If you’re still not receiving Todoist notifications on your device, contact us with screenshots of the settings, device information, troubleshooting steps you tried, and any other relevant information about your Todoist setup.