Use Apple Mail with Todoist

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  • macOS
  • iOS

If you manage your email messages using Apple Mail for macOS and iOS, add these emails quickly as tasks in Todoist.

Add an email as a task in Todoist for macOS

  1. Click Add task in the sidebar to open Quick Add.
  2. Switch to Apple Mail.
  3. Find the email to add as a task.
  4. Drag the email to the task name field in Quick Add. A formatted link to the email will appear.
  5. Add any more information to the task, like project, due date or priority.
  6. Click Add Task to save the task.

Add an email as a task in Todoist for iOS and iPadOS


Before adding an email as a task in Todoist, check that sorting or grouping options are turned off, and the project or view you want to save the task to is using the list layout.

  1. Open Apple Mail.
  2. Touch and hold the email with one finger. This lets you move the email around the screen.
  3. Swipe up and switch to Todoist with another finger.
  4. Open the project or view.
  5. Drop the email into the project or view. This converts it into a task.

Get help

If you're having trouble dragging email messages from Apple Mail and converting them into Todoist tasks, get in touch.