Use the calendar layout in Todoist

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The calendar layout helps teams align on important dates and plan upcoming work.

It's a great way to avoid any scheduling conflicts and prevent team members from overcommitting.


  • Todoist for Web, macOS, and Windows supports a monthly calendar.
  • Todoist for iOS and Android supports a weekly calendar.
  • The calendar layout is currently not available in the Today view.
  • Manual sorting isn't available for the calendar layout. Instead, tasks are sorted by default.

Apply the calendar layout in a project

Apply the layout during project creation


When creating a new project, select Calendar in the Layout section.

Change the layout of a view or existing project

  1. Open the view or project from the sidebar.
  2. Click View at the top-right.
  3. Select Calendar.

Quick tip

If you no longer need the calendar layout, switch to either the board or list layouts from the View menu.

Apply the calendar layout in a filter or label

  1. Click Filters & Labels in the sidebar.
  2. Select the filter or label you wish to apply the calendar layout to.
  3. Click View in the top-right.
  4. Select Calendar.

Quick tip

Who says the week always starts on a Monday? Choose when your week starts in the General tab of your Todoist settings. This will automatically reflect in the calendar layout.

Create a task in the calendar layout


  1. Click the day to schedule a task in the calendar.
  2. Enter the task name and add any task details.
  3. Click Add task.

Schedule a task in the calendar layout

Schedule a task without a due date


  1. Open the project from the sidebar.
  2. Click No date at the top-right. A sidebar will expand and display tasks with no due dates.
  3. Drag the task to the appropriate date in the calendar to assign it as the due date.

    To use the scheduler instead, click the three dots icon beside the task and pick a date to assign it as a due date.

Reschedule a task

Drag the task to a different day in the calendar.

About syncing

If the calendar layout is applied to a view or project, it will sync on all other devices.

If the calendar layout is applied to a shared project, all the people in the project will see this layout when they access this project.

Get help

If you’re having trouble creating tasks or assigning due dates when using the calendar layout, get in touch with us.