What’s the difference between the Inbox and a project?

The Inbox is your default task list in Todoist. When you add a task, it goes straight to your Inbox unless you specify that the task goes into a project.

A project is a task list that you create yourself. You give a project a name and then start adding tasks. You can also set a project’s color or share projects with your teammates.

Moving a task from the Inbox to a project

When adding a task, you may not be sure which project it belongs in. Don’t worry, just start by adding it to the Inbox.

Later on, you can drag the task right into a project of your choosing (Web, macOS, Windows) or edit the task and add it to a project by typing # in the name field (all platforms).

Adding a new task directly to a project

Of course, if you already know which project a task belongs in, you can just skip the Inbox and add your task there directly. When creating a new task, send it to a project by typing in the symbol # immediately followed by the project name. Once you type #, you can also choose from a list of existing projects, or create an entirely new one.