Troubleshoot the Todoist and Outlook integration

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Are you having trouble turning your Outlook emails into Todoist tasks? This troubleshooting guide provides steps to fix common issues with the integration, so you can get straight back to work.


If you’re trying to set up the Outlook add-in, but the Manage Add-ins option isn’t visible, you’re either using a corporate account where your administration disabled the installation of web add-ins, or you are using an account type that isn’t supported by web add-ins, like an IMAP or POP3 account.


If you’re signing in to the Outlook add-in with your Google account, you may see this error message:

This browser or app may not be secure.

To resolve this, open Outlook web app and log in with your Google account.

If you’re using the Outlook desktop app or mobile app, log in with your Todoist email address and password instead. If you don’t have a password, here’s how to add one.

When using the Outlook Add-in, you may see this error message:

Outlook plugin is unverified and needs admin approval.

To resolve this, contact your network admin to grant access to the Integrated Apps option in the O365 admin portal. Then, have them select Add Apps and search for Todoist for Outlook.

From there, your network admin can choose to deploy the integration either for all users or for specific users. They’ll need to agree to the required permissions:

  • Read your mail
  • Sign you in and read your profile
  • Maintain access to data you have given it access to

Missing or archived email messages

The Outlook add-in needs your permission to access the Microsoft Graph API to fetch a robust link to the email. This link is attached to your Todoist task. This is the only time Todoist requests your permission to access the API, nothing else. 

If you’re using the Outlook add-in, and it keeps prompting you to log in to your Microsoft account when clicking the link, the email has likely been moved, archived or deleted.

To get access to an email that has been moved, archived or deleted, the integration will prompt you to log in to your Microsoft account and grant permission to use the Microsoft Graph API. After granting permission, the email link will then work, even if the email has been moved, archived or deleted. 

If you choose to log out of your account in the add-in settings, you’ll also log out of both your Todoist account and your Microsoft account.

If you’ve used the Outlook add-in to create a task, and then moved the linked email out of the folder it was saved to, the link becomes invalid and you won’t be able to use it anymore.

To resolve this, use the add-in to create a new task from the email’s new location. We recommend deleting the old task with the broken link in Todoist.

Get in touch

If you’ve tried all the troubleshooting steps in this article, or if you’re seeing a new issue when using the integration, get in touch with us and include the following details in your report:

  • Outlook and Todoist app version numbers
  • Screenshots of any errors or warning messages
  • Any other troubleshooting steps you’ve tried to resolve the issue

We—Dermot, Omar, Stacey, and any of our 14 other teammates—are determined to help you get the Outlook add-in working for you again.